API Reference Datapio OpenCore v0.1.0



Access to Datapio.Cluster configuration.

Mnesia (ram copies only) initialization functions.

Behaviour used to implement a Kubernetes operator.

Generate K8s.Conn object.

This module allows you to create and publish custom Kubernetes Events. For more information about the Event spec, please read this reference.

Utility functions to manipulate Kubernetes resources.

Message Queue application interface.

Distributed queue consumer.

Distributed in-memory queue with multiple consumers.

Error raised when a book execution failed.

Error raised when trying to run a non-existant book.

Defines the macros to create books.

Defines the macro to build the play manifest.

Error raised when a step execution failed.

Print logs from steps.

Error raised when a task execution failed.

Observe PipelineRunRequest resources.

Utility functions for the PipelineRunRequest controller.

Utility functions related to PipelineRun resources

Utility functions related to PipelineRunRequest resources

Handle convergence of Kubernetes observed state towards desired state

Observe PipelineRunServer resources.

Balance worker execution across Elixir nodes

Global Elixir process registry for the worker pool

Consume PipelineRunRequest from queues.